Art Restoration

All of our art restoration and cleaning work is done using the latest techniques and highest quality materials. Our goal is an end result that is as original as possible with an emphasis on conservation for years of enjoyment and value.

Our photograph restoration services are state of the art. Your original photograph is scanned and uploaded to a computer and the clean up, restoration or alteration is completed to exacting standards using sophisticated computer software. A new image is then printed on your choice of high quality photo or art paper or canvas in sizes ranging from standard photo sizes to poster sizes.

Some of the Services We Provide

& Damage We Repair

Oil and Acrylic Paintings:

  • Varnish removal, clean, condition, and re-varnish
  • Repair of tears, holes, and missing paint
  • Re-stretching

Paper Artwork:

  • De-acidification
  • Cleaning
  • Tape and stain removal
  • Reversal of foxing
  • Re-lining and repairs


  • Restorations
  • Alterations
  • Duplicate prints

Before & After Gallery

Before Image After Image

| 1800’s Oil Painting, Extreme Damage |

Before Image After Image

| Wedding Photograph Restoration |

Before Image After Image

| Oil Painting Restoration – Extremely Yellowed Varnish |

Before Image After Image

| Antique Wedding Certificate |

Before Image After Image

| Lifting Oil Paint |

Before Image After Image

| $100,000 Oil Painting With Large Tear |

Before Image After Image

| Mid 20th Century Landscape Cleaned |

Before Image After Image

| 18th Century Original Turner Etching |

Before Image After Image

| Oil Painting With Tear |

Before Image After Image

| Early 20th Century Floral Painting |

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