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Marc Chagall (1887-1985).  Throughout the 20th century, the world’s greatest writers have extolled the universality and exceptional characters of Chagall’s works. It is significant that poets particularly, are fascinated by this artist; poets are visionaries and in Chagall they have found an epic poet and one of the greatest painters of all time rolled into one.

Chagall often said that there was “no method” in his work, by which he implied that he was urged on by an inspiration, which was out of his control. Chagall introduced the metaphor into painting; through his work we understand the joys and sorrows of the artist. Chagall was deeply sorrowed by the wretchedness, the famine and the wars that afflict this world of ours. In contrast, his joys bust forth in his portrayals of the lovers, in which, symbolically we discern the artist beside his wife Bella. The twin-visage betrothed of earlier days yielded place to a single, well-loved face. We sense Chagall’s happiness, with his wife, in his studio, his moods reflected in his works.

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