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Malo was born 1963 in Uzbekistan but lived mostly in Turkey. He is a self- taught artist who worked his way from only a few fine art classes in college to running a frame shop. He was able to set up a small art studio in the back, where he fine-tuned his artistic talents. His work gained appreciation when he offered art classes from his studio. His students helped him get the attention of Toscana Resim Cerceve Gallery in Turkey. They sold his work exclusively which allowed him to painted full time. Malo has made Atlanta, Ga his home and finds pleasure on the simple things- “art and family”.

Malo is inspired by the ebb and flow of nature. Loosely painted with a hint of detail, they invite the viewer to experience each painting with timeless appeal. Using expressive brushwork, a strong palette knife and a fine sense of color, he creates a powerful image with both depth and beauty. The paintings are moving reminders of the beauty that surrounds us, even in the most mundane places.
This quality gives his paintings a timeless appeal. Deep rich colors grace his canvases, and his elegant use of texture masterfully embellishes his paintings with a palpable opulence. His humble nature keeps him grounded with his core values of family and creatively. Weather it’s the subject matter of landscapes or his observations of people in society, one thing is true: his color flow resembles the depths of the earth.

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