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Born in southern California in 1959, Lori’s artistic talent first emerged through music. Lori has been creating artwork all of her life. At the age of twelve, she designed, created and sold unique jewelry pieces. Lori studied music and art history at California State University, Sacramento.

“The years I have spent training in classical music and improvisational jazz prepared me for my adventure in fine art. My journey began in 1989 with bronze sculpture. After many years, I was stirred to seek a unique medium. I began creating artwork on aluminum sheets using power tools in unconventional ways to form multi-dimensional effects, and then adding color with acrylic and other uncommon paints. I chose this medium for its reflective and sculptural properties.”

“I have always been intrigued by the transparent and illusionary facets of nature. The ever-changing beauty and complexity of creation is the substance of inspiration behind my work.”

Lori makes her home in San Diego after living in Maui for several years. Lori and her husband enjoy an active life on the water and serving the community. She continues to be inspired by nature, especially the peaceful power of the ocean.

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