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Jerry Joslin is a modern master of representational figurative sculpture. It is his chosen discipline because it offers the greatest challenge “…to express my deepest feelings, intuition, inspiration and perception, all in terms that others can understand and appreciate… The human figure is undeniably the touchstone to art in any era.”

His sculpture is imbued with a lyrical romance that carries the traditions of the old European masters onward into the new millennia with a fresh contemporary narrative. Look closely at Joslin’s work and you see more than figurative interplay with precise execution. Implicit in each sculpture is a personal communication that exposes the intellect of this artist. His designs exude the tension and release that animate his composition.

Born in Portland, Oregon in 1942, graduated from Portland State College in 1966, Joslin spent a restless decade studying various art forms while serving as Captain aboard the U.S.G.S. research vessel Polaris, then cruised throughout the South Pacific on his own sailboat and lived with the natives in the Tuamotos and Marquesas.
In 1979 Joslin was riveted by the passion that would shape his future. He became a student of sculpture. Working in stone, wax, and clay, he studied throughout the length and breadth of Europe and with characteristic self-discipline became the master sculptor he is today. Jerry Joslin owes no allegiance to any school but has drunk deep from life’s experience and masterfully sculpts his unique personal images into immutable statements.

Attesting to his pre-eminence among contemporary figurative sculptors, Joslin’s impressive body of work, created over the last quarter century, is represented in many museum,s as well as, public and private collections around the world.

Sadly, near the end of 2005, at the age of 63, Jerry passed away. We are fortunate to have the legacy of Jerry’s work for generations to come.

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