Frank Whipple

Frank Whipple

The Artist and His Inspiration

Our 91 year old Frank Whipple was an Army journalist during the war and was stationed for a time in Italy where he had his first introduction to the Daughters of Charity, originally a French order of nuns organized by St. Vincent de Paul and St. Louise de Marillac in 1633. Whipple was immediately drawn to their unique and fanciful headpieces known as “wimples” and these are symbolized in each of his paintings.
The nun’s serene, and seemingly unruffled; movement through the chaotic streets of Rome during wartime intrigued him. Frank came to know several of the ladies personally and was quick to observe that despite the fact their work revolved around the pain and suffering being experienced in the hospitals of war-torn Italy, these nuns maintained a positive and determined attitude that was tempered with light hearted, and occasionally mischievous, humor.

He was inspired and, since that time, the Artist has created thousands of colorful and uplifting original Whipple’s Wimples paintings. Due to their popularity, many of Frank Whipple’s original paintings have been transformed into limited edition art print format, making Whipple’s Wimples more affordable, and available, to a much broader base of Whipple enthusiasts.
Frank Whipple originals and art prints are highly sought after and we are both pleased and fortunate to offer such a wide selection.

The Collectors

A prolific artist, Frank Whipple has created and sold more than 8,000 original works and upwards of 150,000 limited edition prints in his thirty-six year career. Whipple has inspired collectors from all walks of life, including:

Frank Sinatra, Ethel Kennedy, Erma Bombeck, Phyllis Diller,
Henry King, Henry Fonda, Buddy Hackett, Dina Merrill,
Jonathon Winters, Lady Bird Johnson, Evonne Goolagong, Olive Ann Beech,
William Dozier, Robert Guggenheim, John Wayne, Miguel Aleman…

…all of them just art lovers who want to own one of the little golden treasures in life…for instance “A Whipple”.