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Fernando Aracil was born in the city of Alcoy, Alicante in 1954. He began his studies at the Academy of Rafael Adad.

His personal style takes inspiration from his travels throughout Spain. Immersed in the world of painting, Fernando furthered his travels to several European cities deepening his admiration for the work of the great masters.

Fernando is the one founding artists of the Spanish Levante painters. He has participated in several national and international contests, and in group exhibitions in Madrid, London, Rome and other European cities.

“The reality of the environments and rustic architecture of a Spain that still exists in the most unsuspected places that we would all like to find, walls of lime in the sun, Mediterranean vegetation, figures, the sea…elements that make up a pictorial reality based on the rigor and quality.”

He is a painter in solidarity with the world around him.

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