Domingo Block

Born in Queretaro, Queretaro in 1941, Domingo is the child of Mexican mother and German father. He studied drawing, engraving and painting at the “Esmerelda” in Mexico City and took private classes from various well-known artists/scholars in the city and throughout Mexico. From here he developed his own style and technique in both engravings and enamels.Since 1980, Domingo Block has given more than 110 exhibitions, including annual exhibitions at the “Jarines de Art” and “Parque Sullivan.”He has been displaying his unique line of artwork, each delicately hand-painted with an old-fashioned wooden toothpick, in Coronado, California since 1983. The extraordinary detail is achieved after each piece is produced in limited-edition embossments—a joy to the senses. It seems impossible to create by hand—perhaps Domingo is best known for his patience!

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