Artist Show: Uwe Werner “Timeless Vision”

Artist Show: Uwe Werner “Timeless Vision”

Art and Frames has proudly represented Uwe Werner for many years. He is an established artist among the Coronado Community and beyond whose work ranges from non-subjective to realistic. Although he paints the pristine clarity of northern forests and lakes as well as the southern arid regions of the United States, his greatest reputation lies in his realistic portrayals of the many moods of the sea which express his personal fondness for this sometimes malevolent, mostly benevolent power of nature.

“I feel the sea is continually changing in its temperament; one need never paint the same scene twice. It can be warm, cool, stormy, calm, or countless combinations of these moods.”

Join us for an evening of new original artwork, wine, and nibbles!

Celebrate Valentine’s Day Weekend with us!

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